Retreasured Things from Bump to Tween

Abq Eastside April 5th-7th 2019

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APRIL 15th- $10
After April 15th- $15

CLICK HERE if you are a RETURNING ABQ seller
CLICK HERE if you are a NEW ABQ seller

CLICK HERE if you are a NEW SANTA FE seller


Mommy's Market is a great place to sell your gently used childrens items! Mommy's Market allows sellers to register ONLINE and pick up your check the day after the sale!!! Selling at the market is very easy, sellers have two options and get to shop the presale for FREE!

1. Prepare and tag your own items using our quick and easy barcoding system from the convenience of your own home! Register quickly online, print your tags and tag each item, then drop the items off prior to the sale. You pay a seller fee and make 60% of your sales! No need to stay for the sale, we will have any unsold items ready for you to pick up (You do NOT have to help sort) after the sale or we will donate the unsold items to a local charity. Sellers will be able to shop at our exclusive presale the Thursday prior to the sale!You must have a MINIMUM of 25 items unless you have a large item such as a stroller, playpen, swing, etc...MAXIMUM # of items is 300 (unless you are a gold star seller).

2. Volunteer at the sale! All sellers are welcome to volunteer during the sale. Sellers who choose to work a hour shift will follow the above procedures, but will make 65% of their sales and will get to shop the presale even earlier! Sellers who choose to work 6 hours will make 65% and will get to shop the presale FIRST!!! If (3) three hour shifts are worked you will
make 70%. These spots are limited, so sign up early. Volunteers will be able to shop the presale Thursday night FIRST before all other sellers! 

Presale Schedule

**Please see Item Preparation for accepted/non-accepted items

To Sell Items at Mommy's Market:

1.) Choose from the above options.
2.)Click on the above link to be taken to our registration page.
4.) After you complete your registration and agree to the seller terms you will be taken to Paypal where you can pay your seller fee ONLINE! (Please make sure to click on RETURN TO MOMMYS MARKET after you pay to complete registration)
5.) Next you will be assigned a seller number and you will have access to our barcode system! Log in on our seller log in page to enter and print tags!
6.) Attend a supply pick up to purchase a tagging gun/supplies.
7.)Prepare and Tag items. Please see instructions under item preparation. (Please make sure Maternity items are on ADULT wire hangers! Clothing UNDER 5T look best on CHILD SIZE WIRE hangers.)
8.)Bring items sorted by size and gender in boxes to sale location during your Seller drop off appointment.
9.)After the sale, pick up any unsold items you would like to keep and your check!!! If you are donating items you may either pick up your check or we will mail it the following business day.



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