*Sellers please remember that the nicer things look, the more money you will make. Therefore it is important to clean all of you items and to be selective in which items you sell. Please do not sell any item that is on our non-accepted  list. It may take a few extra minutes to sort through your items and wash them, however the amount of money you receive will be much higher than that of a typical garage sale. Also, please remember that this is not a "rummage" sale and our buyers expect quality! 

Retreasured Things from Bump to Tween

Abq Eastside April 5th-7th 2019

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Item Preparation

Time is valuable, especially for moms-Barcoding gives moms more time!
To obtain the best possible outcome for buyers and sellers, all items MUST be gently used. NO rips/holes/tears, excessive pilling, stains, or missing buttons/snaps. All items must be washed prior to the sale.

Accepted Items
  • Children's clothing sizes newborn to kids 13/14
  • Maternity clothes and bras
  • Children's beds (Toddler or smaller), bouncers, car seats less than 5 years old, baby/toddler mattresses, changing tables, strollers, jumpers, bicycles, equiptment, etc.....
  • Accessories such as pregnancy pillows, monitors, etc...
  • Toys (MUST include working batteries if applicable)
  • Books, Original DVDS and CDS
  • Items must be Seasonally appropriate
  • CLICK HERE for list of seasonally acceptable items

Items NOT Accepted

  • Items that are riped, stained, torn, missing buttons/snaps, show signs of excessive pilling or are not otherwise GENTLY used.
  • Jewelery (due to possible lead).
  • Undergarments of any size (except for Maternity bras). Cloth diapers are ok.
  • Dirty/unclean items.
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Pet Products (cages, aquariums etc)
  • Toys with missing parts and pieces.
  • Items that have small pieces that could cause potential choking hazard.
  • Broken items.
  • Recalled items of ANY type-CLICK HERE to go to the Customer Product Safety Commission Website and see what items have been recalled. CLICK HERE to go to wemakeitsafer.comTHIS INCLUDES CRIBS Manufactured PRIOR to June 2011
  • Car seats that were produced more than 5 years ago according to manufacture stamp OR have been in an accident.
  • Outdated items.
  • Breast Pumps
  • Crib Bumpers (unless included in a bedding set)
  • Kids Meal toys

Pricing Guidelines:

A great place to get an idea of reasonable prices for items is ebay or your local ABQ consignment shop. Also, it helps to ask yourself what you would pay for the item had it been used. Items can be priced more than that of garage sales, but about 50-75% less than retail (clothes 75%-85% less than retail). Buyers are looking for a good buy. Therefore, items that are priced more reasonable will be the most likely to sell. Overpriced items will bring in NO revenue!!!! Please consider your pricing carefully!!!

*Brands such as Old Navy, Gap, The Children's Place, Gymboree, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, etc... go quickly and can be priced at the higher end of our guidelines.

CLICK HERE for general pricing guidelines


1.) You will be able to print customized barcodes from your home computer! 
2.) 65lb, 67lb or 110lb WHITE or LIGHT colored card stock for price tags (can be found at any store that sells office supplies (including Wal-mart, Target...). PLEASE-Make sure to print at normal quality and normal size so that items scan quickly at check in/out.
3.) Tagging gun to attach tags to clothing/fabric items. ($12, can be purchased from Mommy's Market).  You may also purchase your own tagging gun from ebay etc.
4.) Ziploc bags for small items.
5.) Boxes (you will NOT get back the box you bring). We will put all unsold items in boxes and have it ready for you at pick up (if you choose not to donate your unsold items).
6.) Packing tape to attach barcode tags to non-fabric items (Do NOT cover barcode with tape)/Masking Tape for books.
7.) Children's/Adult Wire hangers to hang all clothing on (Children's hangers can be purchased from Mommy's Market, $1.00 for 10). ONLY WIRE HANGERS are acceptable.ALL ITEMS UNDER size 5 look best on CHILD SIZE WIRE HANGERS!
8.)Safety pins to attach clothing items (pants/shorts) to the hangers.




1.) Gather items in which you will be selling (25 item MINIMUM).
2.) Wash all clothing and scrub toys with a washcloth and/ or "magic eraser".
3. Check to make sure there are batteries in toys and that all clothing is in Gently used condition (NO tears, stains, excessive pilling, etc)
4.) Sellers will prepare tags for all items from their home computer.
Please print the information on
TAGGING. It is easiest to enter 10 items at a time into the barcode system, print the tags and lay them on top of the items and continue with the next set. This way all items are grouped with the printed tags they belong to!
5.)  After printing the tags, sellers must attach tags with a tagging gun. Please see the following instructions for hanging items
PLEASE make sure Maternity iems are on WIRE ADULT hangers!
6.) After all items are tagged please group them according to gender and size. Sizes will be grouped as follows: Preemie, 0-3mos, 3 mos, 3-6 mos, 6mos, 6-9 mos, 9-12 mos, 12mos, 12-18 mos, 18mos, 18-24 mos, 24mos, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14.
**Items must be separated by size and gender at drop off. You can use rubber bands, string or ribbon at top of hangers to divide sizes!
7.) Drop items off at the sale site CURBSIDE! (We will go through items to make sure they are in gently used condition) Leave your boxes.
9. Pick up any unsold items and your check!

RETURNING SELLERS: Make items you are bringing active and start entering your new items!

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