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Abq Eastside April 5th-7th 2019

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FAQ'S & Contact Us
If you have any questions please contact us at

we will respond within 24 hours. 

How much time and effort go into preparing and selling items?
Although it takes time to enter and tag items, you would be surprised at how much time Mommy's Market saves you! When participating in a garage or flea market sale you have to stay at the sale all day! However, with Mommy's Market you drop off and pick your items up! Also, we have a barcode system so you don't have to write out hundreds of tags! Just print the tags from your computer, six at a time! You can also keep unsold items for the next sale and you don't have to print new tags!

What supplies do I need to be a seller?
To be a seller you need a home computer/printer to print your barcode tags (if you don't have a printer, we can print the barcodes for you for a small fee). You need 65lb, 67lb, or 110lb white paper to print the tags on (found at any store that sells office supplies). Tags will be applied to clothing with a tagging gun ($12 from Mommy's Market or get one on ebay etc) and all clothing will need to be hung on WIRE children's hangers (Maternity items and larger childrens clothes (size 6 and above) need to be hung on adult WIRE hangers). You can purchase tagging guns and children's hangers from Mommy's Market. Accessories and small toys will need to be placed in large Ziploc bags. After the sale, any items that did not sell will be placed into a box.

Do I get the wire hangers back after the sale?
No. We pride ourselves on keeping our lines short and quickly moving. Therefore, all hangers will go with the sold items. You WILL of course get back hangers on unsold items!

Why should I volunteer?
When you volunteer just three hours of your time you make 5% more!!! This is very beneficial for sellers who have many items. If you volunteer 6 hours you get to shop the presale FIRST!

Can a friend or my husband volunteer in my place?
Sure! We don't mind if someone volunteers in your place.

 Can I bring my children or a friend to the presale?
Children are welcome to come with you for the general public sale. However, children will NOT be allowed to attend the times for the presale.  The presale is an exclusive event for our sellers and fans and we would like this event to be child free to allow moms the opportunity to shop without worrying about the little ones. This is "Mom's night out"!!!!! We also can not allow guests to attend the presale without a pass. Infants under 9 months in slings are ok.
What is different about Mommy's Market?
Our sellers can sign up ONLINE and our barcoding system is up YEAR ROUND!Therefore you can start tagging a few days after the sale in preperation for the next sale! Sellers checks are ready when sellers pick up un-sold items! (no more waiting up to 14 days!!!) Mommy's Market is also easier for buyers due to the amount of organization that goes into the market sale. All clothing will be grouped by gender and size on racks, no more digging through piles of clothing and squeezing past rows and rows of clothing to get to your child's size! We also provide friendly service for our consignors and buyers and offer curbside drop off and quick item pick up!

Can I only sell items that are of the current season?
 Items sold at the fall sale must be fall/winter items and items sold in the spring sale must be spring/summer items. Current season items sell best and we are growing so quickly we don't have space for non-season items! 

WHY do we only allow current season items?
We find that it benefits EVERYONE when the items are seasonal. It is easier to find what you are looking for on the clothing racks and our consignors are able to sell items for a fair price. If the item is out of season it tends to only sell at the half price sale and it may not fit next season! Also, many shoppers don't want to look through non-seasonal clothing to find the seasonal clothing they are looking for. 

What is the difference between a seller and a RESTOCK seller?
The first 165 sellers drop items off the Monday or Tuesday prior to the event. Restock sellers drop off the Thursday or Friday prior to the event. If you are a restock seller your items still go out IMMEDIATELY. The only difference is the day you drop off. Restock sellers still get to shop the presale Wednesday or Thursday. Items just aren't dropped off prior to those presales.

Where are the supply pick ups held?
Supply pick ups are usually held at the sale location in the parking lot or nearby the sale location. However, we require that you RSVP and we will inform you of the location at that time.

At the conclusion of each sale we send out a third party survey. Following are annonymous testimonials from our Spring 2010 online survey:

"I have sold at Mommy's Market for two events so far and I am extremely satisfied with the whole process. Everything from entering items online to organizing my items at the sell is very streamline and efficient. All questions are promptly answered and I am impressed with the excellent communication and support Mommy's Market offers sellers. I have also participated in Mommy's Market as a buyer and am continually impressed with how organized the sale is and how reasonable the prices are! Also, the overall quality of the items are excellent. All in all, shopping at Mommy's Market is a treat for me! I feel good about providing high quality items for my children without having to pay a high price!"  

"A very well thought out and smooth process. So much easier than doing a garage sale and I also made more money than I would have at a garage sale!! Thank you!!" 

 "loved utilizing Mommy's Market as a way to sale my children's gently used items that we no longer needed. It is a great way of bringing tons of potential buyers to all of the items you would like to sell!"

"As a SELLER & Volunteer I was impressed by the ease of set-up of the Mommy Market clothing racks. Made set-up tear down FAST and simple!! Not dangerous WORK. No major powertools or heavy lifting AT ALL =)"
~ Seller/Volunteer

"Absolutely my favorite way to sell my children's clothes. Definately worth the time it took to prepare my items. Also, as a buyer, I have found awesome deals on clothes and toys for my own kids."
"It was a great idea!! I'd rather shop at something like this knowing things/items are in great shape to get what its worth!! Thank you!!"

"Best way to sell kids stuff"
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